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Some things will never change…

President Bush will continue to make a jackass out of himself when he tries to speak coherently; Stuart Scott’s glass eye will continue to look fucking creepy (click with caution); and T.I. and Ludacris will continue to never get along. As first reported yesterday by Just Blaze, and later by..

Lifesavas – Gutterfly (Review)

By reviewing an album that came out 2 months ago, I guess I’m ultimately admitting that I slept on it. However, I figure that if I slept on it, someone else must have, too. I doubt that the Lifesavas crew will really mind the recognition. Hailing from Portland, Oregon (home..

Hiphopsite is closing.

Hiphopsite is a site that I try to check weekly just incase I’ve missed some new releases or reissues for that matter. Well with the music industry sales down, and hurting even more in hip hop specifically, HipHopSite decided it wasn’t viable to operate in its current ways and it..

SERIOUS Delerium!

The next time you go out magazine shopping, or you find yourself near a newsstand with time to kill, be sure to check out the latest issue of Complex for a joint interview with Wu-Tang mastermind The RZA and all-around funny guy Seth Rogen. Complex‘s website offers a preview of..

Party Like A REAL Rock Star!

In other words, don’t be like these guys. Instead, be more like these guys… Download: Run-D.M.C. & Aerosmith – “Walk This Way” Download: Boogie Down Productions – “Dope Beat” (sampling AC/DC – “Back In Black”) Download: Public Enemy & Anthrax – “Bring The Noise” Download: Body Count (Ice-T) – “Cop..

Move Soul Train to Kanye’s Studio.

It’s like a dance party in there! [youtube][/youtube] In this clip from QD3′s The MC – Why We Do It DVD (and on permanent loan from Nah Right), Kanye flips an old Shirley Bassey record into a beat so infectious, he can’t stop himself from getting down. It’s assuring to..

Sacramento Kings hire Bill Fuller.

The Kings may have hired “Reggie Theus” but the man will always be Bill Fuller to me, from: God that show was that Saturday tv crack for me. As well as City Guys…C-I-T-Y you can see why these guys the neat guys smart and streetwise. Sphere: Related Content

A busy 2nd half of the year for Duck Down Records.

It looks like the Sean Price mixtape isn’t nearly the only thing Duck Down has up their sleeves, read:   Over the next few months, Duck Down will be releasing a host of new projects; including Sean Price’s “Master P” mixtape, Steele’s (of Smif N Wesson) “Hotstyle Takeover” mixtape and..