Podcast: With A Bang… (Dec. 11) (Season Finale)


Hello Again. This was the last show for this year. We made it a request show, but we like requests in all the shows. We spend some time in the beginning airing out beef, then we do a great show. Alex co-hosts this, instead of Julie. We’ll be back next year. I should make a collection in one download, so you guys can have the entire first season of ML Radio. That’ll happen soon. Really.

Beastie Boys- Slow and Low
Jay-Z – 99 Problems (Pete Rock Remix)
Prodigy- My World is Empty Without You
Mos Def and Diverse- Wylin’ Out (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)
Quasimoto- Return of The Loop Digga
Cartel- Wasted (Wyclef Jean Remix)
Ghostface Killah- Metal Lungies
Cam’ron- Girl, Cash, Cars
KMD- Who Me?
Ghostface Killah (feat. Trife)- Biscuits

LISTEN UP IN 2008!!!!

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