Roundup: Lists of the Best Hip Hop in 2007.

I’ll keep updating this post as new lists go up. Let me know if there’s any good ones I missed.

PopMatters has a good one that mirrors mine on a quite a few albums.

Noz from Cocaine Blunts has his list for the year, with a focus on singles.

The trusty has their list up as well, with a few unexpected surprises. Worth a look.

Part 2 of their list is here.

The great Passion of the Weiss counted off his 25 best hip hop songs of 2007 in 5 five-song posts. It’s a solid list, accompanied by mp3s.

Edit: He’s also doing a list of his top 50 albums of 2007, and there’s a few more lists up there as well..

Hi-Tek did a list of his favourite 5 hip hop albums of 2007 for LAist. Nothing new here, really. Where’s that Reflection Eternal album, Tek?

My friend Joseph at Geek Down had a unique take on this: he’s compiled his favourite Lil’ Wayne songs & appearances of ’07 into 2 hefty compilations, plus a roundup of all his videos this year. If you’re a Weezy fan, you’ll dig this shit. Check it out.

The dope Floodwatch Music has part 1 of their top 20 records of 2007. Well worth a look.

Strangely enough, so far the big release schedule on the 4th hasn’t really impacted any of these lists too heavily.

Dart from Poisonous Paragraphs has a great list up as well, with a lot of overlap with my favourites.

Hip Hop Is Read has a list of their favourite beat tapes and their favourite mixtapes of ’07.

Expect a proper list from ML soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. AYO

    good looks on compiling this list of lists

    everybody’s bound to discover somethin’ new that they like with these

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