Magestik Legend – Free.

This is easily the best thing I got out of CMJ Week. I met Magestik Legend at Fat Beats. I was talking to the crew there (what up to DJ SAV*ONE and The Audible Doctor, who produced the Brown Bag AllStars joint from awhile back) and they passed me a copy of his mixtape. He later came out himself and made sure I had a copy as well as his number. Adamant but cool, like anybody on their hustle should be. Now, I had been getting copies of stuff all week and about 95% of the music I get from unknown artists just plain sucks (I still listen to all of it though!). To my surprise, Magestik Legend’s Free doesn’t suck at all and actually kicks ass.

Magestik is original and clever without the gimmicks (not pointing any fingers, you gimmick-ass rappers know who you are). The first song, "The Legend," isn’t just a laundry list of brag raps. Rather, he references the Bible, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and other "legendary" whatnot. His skills also show on "In N Out". On the first verse, he talks about everything in him, ending every line with "in me" and on the second verse, he uses "out" in every line. OK, that’s a little gimmicky, but it’s still dope how he pulls it off.

Unlike most underground rappers, Magestik Legend can actually write a hook, a rare skill. His greatest asset by far is his flow, which is constantly changing and always bonkers. He’s easily on par with most dudes in today’s underground scene.

The production, soul samples and the like,  is done by mostly unknown producers. The only name I recognized was Nick Speed. The beats are far from amateur though. There aren’t any that you’re going to tell all your friends about tomorrow, but it doesn’t have that cheap mixtape sound either. Magestik has the perfect backdrops to go nuts.

Definitely don’t sleep. You can stream it here too.

Download: Magestik Legend – Free

Peace to Magestik Legend!

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    Yo, good lookin’ out on throwing this up. Magestik Legend is a dope MC and be on the look-out for a lot more from him. Detroit is a dope scene for hip-hop music and Magestik Legend is definitely on the come-up.

    Thanks again for the support and that Black Milk/Pharoahe Monch video is actually mine, too ….. Magestik, me, and Audible Doctor were up in there :)

    Much respect,
    Fat Beats NY

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