Black Lips – The Drop I Hold (Remix ft.GZA).

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Okay, this is a few days old, but it’s worth hearing. Not as surprising of a combo as you might expect. GZA  made a few appearances on the Atlanta garage rock band’s SXSW tour, and seem to have become fast friends. As for the track itself, it’s…interesting.

The band’s playing is a bit too sloppy for GZA to ever gain a foothold, so he stumbles over the song’s reverbed haze. The verse was also clearly recorded separately from the Black Lips’s playing; GZA’s voice sounds too clear compared to the distant vocals on the backing track. The twangy, dusty vibe of the song isn’t too far removed from some of the spacier stuff on Liquid Swords. Nonetheless, I’d much rather hear GZA spitting with the El Michels Affair, or better yet, a full-length collaboration between the band and the Clan. It just makes more sense, especially in light of the Affair’s recent cover album of Wu-Tang instrumentals, Enter The 37th Chamber.

DOWNLOAD: Black Lips – The Drop I Hold (Remix ft.GZA)

And here’s another reminder of how good El Michels and the Wu sound together:

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon & the El Michels Affair – The PJs
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  1. Noah Baker

    Hiya, I work with the Black Lips and would love to hear any feedback from fans surrounding their latest tracks, music videos and any live shows you have been to.

    Also don’t forget to catch the guys playing the Electric Ballroom on tuesday, where they will be selling their new limited edition tee’s –
    and giving away 6 pairs of tickets to the isle of white festival!

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