Bruno lands on top of Eminem at MTV’s Movie Awards, Video.

(Better footage as soon as it is found).

On the MTV Movie Awards Sasha Baron Cohen’s Bruno character (his 3rd best after Ali G & Borat IMO) dropped in a jock and landed his ass in Eminem’s face. Staged or not (I’m leaning towards yes, and hoping for Bruno’s safety sake that it is), this is must see.

Knobbz Update: Stop the hooplah. Em was in on it.

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  1. Michele

    What in the world was that>>????? regardless if that was a joke or not, it was disgusting, disrespectful and insulting not only to Eminem but also to the TV viewer. WTF!! who is so stupid to come up with such an idea? PUNKED or not it should have never happened or even aired. Shame on you MTV!!!

  2. G

    That was hilarious. Thanks for posting. Em deserves it…LOL…he got teabaged hard on Live national tv. Reality at its finest.

  3. nikole

    good job mtv, u just lost millions of viewers for your next awards shows. eminem is a huge attraction and after all he has been through, its ridiculous that mtv would play such a rotten prank. that was not only disgusting, but extremely tacky. how dare mtv shit on em right after he performed. screw mtv, u guys just keep on disappointing.

  4. Jay Primos

    WOW, that was pretty REAL, im not sure if Eminem would actually agree 2 have a mini-skit during the MTV awards. Now im scared for Bruno, nd I kinda feel sorry for Em, because he’s been “shit” on his whole career, and that just added to it. WOW, that’s all I gotta say. —-

  5. Irishborngrl

    That was jus plain ole nasty and disrespective. Following that pathetic stunt Andy made a coment during a follow up skit with Carl and his popcorn d*ck fiasco saying “This is wildly inapropriate Carl, this is a family show”? Go figure!! Eminem clearly walked away ticked off taking with him whatever shred of dignity he had left. MTV, if by some chance this was indeed intended to be funny, you failed miserably. On the otherhand if it “was” indeed staged WTFWYT? I have a soft spot for this guy only because we were born on the exact same day and year!! Whatever… I’ve lost a little respect for MTV due to what appeared to be a desperate attempt to get a laugh at the expence of someone who just made a comeback. What an unfair advantage for Eminems’ oppertunity to be admired after performing live for the first time in a long time… Tut tut tut!

  6. Gia Lauren

    That was brutal and uncalled for. MTV lost ALOT of respect for this one and a ton of viewers. If that’s their idea of funny then they need a wake up call. You had Bruno’s ASS in Eminem’s face for crying out loud. It was fn dirty, gross and the last time I look forward to any of their award shows. What a lame shot :-P

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