Big Boi – Shutterbugg (produced by Scott Storch).

With “Shutterbugg,” Big Boi proves that radio-friendly hip-hop in 2010 doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter R&B bullshit. Big Boi seemingly jumps on the electro bandwagon, but “Shutterbugg” is actually distinctly Outkast and not some Kid Cudi knockoff. Precisely spat double time flow with an A-town twang. And that Auto-Tune on the hook? It’s actually a vocoder (or a talkbox). On some Zapp & Roger shit. But let your friends think it’s T-Pain if that will get them to listen to it. Leave it to Outkast to breathe new life into mainstream hip-hop. MAYBE your local hip-hop DJ will play this between Justin Bieber songs.

Update: video here.

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