Freddie Gibbs – Do Wrong, Part 2, Video.

True story: the kitchen scene was filmed in my apartment by Devin Chanda and the fine people at Scheme Engine. If you pause at 1:07 you can see my Tupperware container!

“Do Wrong” originally featured Pill and first appeared on DGK Stevie’s Vol. 1 mixtape and more recently Freddie’s Str8 Killa No Filla. “Part 2″ is an iTunes bonus track for Freddie’s new EP. Produced by Atlanta brethren DJ Burn One.

I was indifferent toward Freddie until he oh-so-casually dropped this line:

I flirt with death; on the day that I fuck the bitch,
Bury me with my zipper down so my haters can suck my dick.

via The Smoking Section

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