Strong Arm Steady – Arms & Hammers, Review.

As with Strong Arm Steady’s last album, production is the main draw on Arms & Hammers. The group is always mentioned in the same breath as a monster producer. They had Pete Rock’s beat for “The Joy” before Kanye and DJ Khalil’s beat for “Talkin’ 2 Myself” before Eminem. But instead of the blessing of straight Madlib beats they got on In Search of Stoney Jackson, SAS got a varied but impressive range of heavyweight West Coast producers. Underground/indie/blog favorites like DJ Khalil, Jelly Roll, and Terrace Martin handle the bulk of production, but none of them reproduce the gritty underground magic of SAS’s work with Madlib. Gangbanging and calibrated DJ Khalil beats don’t suit Mitchy Slick, Krondon, and Phil The Agony as well as blistering, oddball battle raps and dusty, warped soul. Obviously, Madlib’s “Chiba Chiba Pt.2″ is a highlight as would have been Jelly Roll’s “Hand Guns” had it not been cut. Game makes a memorable appearance on “Trunk Music” as if to show the guys how to successfully parrot West Coast cultural markers. Moral of the story? Madlib is a tough act to follow.

Arms & Hammers comes out February 22.

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  1. Ron Kooby

    What a hater! This album is dope and all you can say is (in a punk-ass pussy winey complaining voice) “none of them reproduce the gritty underground magic of SAS’s work with Madlib”. Get off Madlib’s dick…

    This is a dope westcoast hardcore gangster rap album. Period. The topics they addressed and the beats they chose were just what the us Cali heads needed. I don’t know where the writer of this review is from, but chances are he’s never lived or even been around the California lifestyle that we lead.

    Fuck your review.
    Klack Klack Klack


    It’s wack, dude. SAS and DJ Khalil do not go together. Terrace Martin’s tracks are boring as hell — and you will not meet a bigger Terrace Martin fan than me. SAS needs grimy underground shit.

    And I do not have a winey complaining voice. My voice cleaves stone and impregnates women.

  3. Ron Kooby

    So, like I said, you know nothing about the west… Yeah your voice impregnates women…… that look like Madlib.

  4. lv gc

    This album is ILLLLLLL.
    True west coast hustle music with a touch of east coast grime.
    Dude that reviwed has no clue.
    Probably went to a private school with kanye and
    Never walked through the hood in his life.

  5. people4prez

    This album is FRESH. SAS shows their versatility after the classic stoney jackson with another classic. Took me back to The Chronic. Best in the west right now, no doubt.

  6. people4prez

    …and if this reviewer doesn’t think the beats suit SAS, he ain’t listening to what they’re saying.

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