Monthly Archives: August 2011

Bombay Bicycle Club- A Different Kind of Fix, Album.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s A Different Kind of Fix only dropped two days ago but that hasn’t stopped my iTunes from already having it on repeat five times in a row (it would probably be a higher number, but a girls gotta go to class). Each track flows so seamlessly to..

Caveman- Thankful, Single.

Little known New York five-man-band Caveman has crept into the music scene with Thankful, a jam that seems to be the perfect precursor to fall. Originating only in January of 2010 it is next to impossible to find enough of their music to satiate my desire to listen to them all..

Danny Brown – XXX.

XXX makes for a nasty listen. It’s a death spiral of drugs, alcohol, and sex and yet the title actually refers to the roman numeral. Danny Brown just turned 30. Inebriated fornication is hardly a new topic for hip-hop, but XXX takes a startlingly dark tone. “Die Like a Rockstar”..

Mookie Jones – T.C.B. (Jackie Chain, Big Sant).

Only a group of exceptionally cool rappers can take an expression most commonly tossed around by your 45 year old office manager (a man named George whose stomach pops out from between his suspenders and stops by your cubicle to say stuff like “Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?” #officelyfe) and..

El-P – Drones Over BKLYN.

A modern Bucktown soundtrack that beats the shit out of anything involving Santigold. Download: El-P – Drones Over BKLYN Update: Here’s the uncensored, unmastered version. .bbpBox103504713701539840 {background:url( #0f0102;padding:20px;} p.bbpTweet{background:#fff;padding:10px 12px 10px 12px;margin:0;min-height:48px;color:#000;font-size:18px !important;line-height:22px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px} p.bbpTweet span.metadata{display:block;width:100%;clear:both;margin-top:8px;padding-top:12px;height:40px;border-top:1px solid #fff;border-top:1px solid #e6e6e6} p.bbpTweet span.metadata{line-height:19px} p.bbpTweet span.metadata img{float:left;margin:0 7px 0 0px;width:38px;height:38px} p.bbpTweet..

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi- Black, Single.

Danger Mouse has inevitably been a part of what seems like every other musical project over the past few years. Recently (but not too recent, this project was five years in the making) he paired up with Italian composer Daniele Luppi to create Rome. Needless to say I love it. One..