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Beat Drop: Best of 2011.

  My stomach hurts and my throat is on fire. I wish I could sit on the toilet and re-read all seven Harry Potter books, but I can’t do that right now. I’m a working man. Kind of. I have to put in some good hours so that they’ll hire..

G-Side – Trip.

Psychedelic ‘tryna make it’ rap from G-Side. “Trip” appears on the Japanese retail version of iSLAND. Sphere: Related Content

Chuuwee – Amalgam Back (produced by J57).

Says Chuuwee of the tracks conception, The last 3 or 4 months I’ve seen like 60 different “backs.” That shit is dumb to me so I was just like, ‘If I’m going to bring some shit back, it’s going to be forreal forreal. That, and the fact that a lot..

PT PrimeTime – Crazy (produced by Block Beattaz).

PT PrimeTime of Untamed/Block Beattaz gets it. On his new single, he preaches about local harsh realities, et al. over a gospel-flavored track, but he doesn’t make any dramatic changes to his cadence or his diction. He doesn’t put on airs to distance himself from tracks like “Facebook Freak.” Still..

Fat Joe, Playing the Race Card.

When I played “Lean Back (Remix)” for the first time on the radio with Angie Martinez, the city stopped. The whole earth stopped. She was like, ‘I heard you got this remix, and I heard it’s crazy. But I don’t know who’s on it.’ And I was like, ‘Yo, I..

Spaceghostpurrp – Don’t Give A Damn (Miami Bass).

I’ve been fiending for more Spaceghostpurrp ever since I heard him lace ASAP Rocky on LiveLoveASAP. “Don’t Give A Damn (Miami Bass)” doesn’t disappoint — throwback Miami bass music with a sinister bent. Sphere: Related Content

Willie The Kid – The Cure 2, Mixtape.

The Cure 2 is stream of consciousness drug peddling rap and Willie The Kid has some truly dazzling wordplay. Download the whole thing here and grab the keepers below.Download: Willie The Kid – Twilight Freestyle Interlude One (produced by MoSS) Download: Willie The Kid – Waste Not. Want Not. (produced..