Metallungies gets some Tanlines — Lincoln Hall, Chicago, 7.15.12.

Lincoln Hall was filled to the brim with excited fans this past Sunday as every sunburnt kid with a penchant for indie rock trekked it to the north side of Chicago to catch Tanlines’ exclusive Pitchfork after show ($7 with a Pitchfork wristband… basically a no-brainer). Tanlines released their first full length album in March of this past year, titled Mixed Emotions, to rave reviews that have built them a pretty serious following. They took the stage with Rain Delay after an ambient introduction comprised of wind chimes (which also served as transition from song to song, something I would normally think of as being cheesy but totally worked in this situation since both Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm seem pretty authentic as far as musicians go). Filling the transitions with funny anecdotes about their short stay in Chicago (buying scalped tickets to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, welcome to Chicago…) they moved on to play most songs from Mixed Emotions as well as a few previous tracks from EPs and one brand new song that was received well by the crowd. My personal favorite song of the night was All of Me that just sounded so perfect live mostly due to Jesse Cohen’s performance on his impressive set up of drum kit, MacBook Pro, and keyboard.

Honestly, I couldn’t have been more impressed by Tanlines’ live performance. They’re a band I’ve wanted to see live for a while and Lincoln Hall was the perfect place for them to play. Somewhat intimate and filled with fans that truly wanted to be there set the perfect environment. My only complaint is that they didn’t play my personal favorite track off of Mixed Emotions: Abby. I really expected this to be their encore, I even loitered for an awkwardly long time to make sure they weren’t coming back out on stage to play it or even any sort of encore. That being said, I would see them again in a heartbeat and owe it to them for giving me one of the best nights I’ve had all summer.

**If you haven’t listened to Tanlines yet… just do it:


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