Inventing David Geffen Documentary, Video.

Chances are David Geffen has had some sort of effect on your life (HE BIRTHED ASYLUM, THE LABEL GUCCI MANE IS SIGNED TO), the man is kind of a big deal. PBS dropped a documentary on him last week while you were scrambling home for Thanksgiving, I was floored after watching it out of curiosity. Rappers talk about hustling, but David Geffen was doing real hustling, venture after venture with the most powerful people. If you have an interest in pop culture, the workings/history of the entertainment & music business give yourself two hours to watch this. You might even get motivated to achieve more things with your passion, like I did. The outakes PBS has posted on their site are also worth a look as well, I mean, how can you not be interested in that Tiffany lamp story told by his good friend/Bruce Sprinsteen’s manager, Jon Landeau.

Watch Inventing David Geffen on PBS. See more from American Masters.



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  1. Ray Frederick

    I was very fortunate to have been watching PBS the night David Geffens Documentory aired. I had heard of him but did not know how much of an impact he has made on so many peoples lives. I was glued to the set and could not be anything other than blown away. What a life he led. I would like to suggest to anyone that it is a must see documentary.

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