Lee Bannon – Caligula Theme Music 2.7.5.

I’ve been gushing about Lee Bannon’s experimental boom bap for a long time now, but it turns out he’s a man of many styles. On Caligula Theme Music 2.7.5, the Sacramento producer co-opts SpaceGhostPurrp’s gothic trap rap and brings it back to life.

I was ready to swear allegiance to the Raider Klan last year when SGP petered out and started dropping subpar mixtapes. Lee Bannon is an unlikely surrogate, but he proves versatile with undead bangers like “YG&A,” “Three Bitches,” and “L.I.R.” The influence is clear given the iconography on the promo shirt and an appearance from Raider Klan envoy Matt Stoops on the intro.

Bannon previewed this sudden left turn in November with two tracks on Smoke DZA’s K.O.N.Y. mixtape and luckily, it was no fluke. Maybe he’ll take votes on which sound he’ll conquer next.

Just for contrast, here’s a more traditional track Bannon produced for SuperSTah Snuk’s mixtape due Monday. It’s likely an older beat.

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