Metallungies at Bonnaroo 2013.

Another June is here and what do you know, MetalLungies is going back to a farm south of Nashville in Manchester, TN, yet again.

As long we even have 56k-esque data service on our phone we will try to vine, instagram, twitter as much as possible as FCC regulations allow.

Not braving the best farm of ten-a-key? Ustream will be streaming all weekend long a pretty comprehensive offering of the acts performing live.

Instead of just listing a bunch of names like we have in years past, or hyping up some scenester dude name Paul McCartney, Meaghatron & Myself picked out some #protip picks to see at the festival.

Check them after the jump.

Dj01′s picks:



Super glad the hip hop/electronic MPC monster has made a recovery to perform. Watch him amaze you on his MPC while you zone out with the beat.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike’s set will surely offer booming and agressive bass sound complemented with lyrics that will make you want to riot, protest, or move to Atlanta.


Earl Sweatshirt

I have not been listening for Earl for more than a few months (late pass, please) but I am excited to see what his life performance is like.

Superjam with RZA, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Schoolboy Q, Earl Sweatshirt, Solange, Chad Hugo, and special guests. 

Last years superjam with Questlove & D’Angelo was absolutely one of my favorite musical moments of my life, so the bar is set very, but I’m curious to see what this ensamble pulls off.


Four Tet

Perfect mellow out electronic to ease into the Saturday on the farm.


Only mentioning this guy because his set is sure to warrant a thinkpiece, or in the very least amazing tweets.


Lee Fields & the Expressions

Charles Bradley was in this slot on the main stage last year, and if you like Charles Bradley chance are you will like Lee Fields soulful and full of pain and love voice.

Action Bronson

Fresh off dropping SAAAB Stories, from what I’ve read and heard about him is sure to deliver an animated and energetic set.

Meaghatron’s picks:



I’ve only known about DIIV for a month or so but I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve heard. Perfect summer music in the same vein as Tanlines and Beach Fossils. Definitely a band to watch.

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon just has the best energy. I can’t wait to see them live, I’ll be shocked if they don’t have the entire crowd dancing in the rain (but fingers crossed that we’ll have some sun).

Purity Ring

I’ve seen them once and I would see them a hundred times more. Their sound is so incredibly theirs (and believe me, I’ve tried to find similar artists). But really… just showing up to see their light show won’t leave you disappointed.

Paper Diamond

I slept on Paper Diamond for way too long, and really, who has excuses with all that’s available on Spotify at this point. Excited to close out my night with this.


Local Natives

Local Natives has my heart forever. I think that’s all that really needs to be said.


Caught them for the first time back in 2008 at Lollapalooza and have never been so amazed by a drummer.



If you don’t follow A-Trak on Twitter, get on it. His personality weighs almost as heavily as his music for me, all around awesome.

Boys Noize

Just because I want to get weird.


Kendrick Lamar

I’m just going to lump these two together and say that I’m excited to see them live and not have to upset the moms in my apartment building with how loud I play their music. (Hoping Schoolboy Q & his signature show up at both.)

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