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Toss out the emojis, RapKey is the keyboard you need.

RapKey is a new custom keyboard for iOS/iPhone that allows you to send rap bars on demand. Because let’s be real, you need to be sending your girl some Wu-Tang lyrics instead of those heart emojis you have been sending her since you got your iPhone4.  Download & submit lyrics at..

Jamie Foxx – Ain’t My Fault.

Jamie Foxx’s grown and sexy response to the prevailing ideology of ratchet & b is worthy in the age of The Weeknd and Ty Dolla Sign.

Snoop Dogg – WFTV Millionaire (produced by Madlib).

Snoop Dogg and Madlib sounds like a fantasy collaboration some guy threw out on a rap message board. But here we are. We live in where Snoop can dip into his stash of Madlib beats for a freestyle when he hits a milestone in YouTube subscriptions. We live in amazing times.