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Beat Drop: Best Of 2009 (Part 1).

So, what have we learned in 2009? Raekwon is more trustworthy than Dr. Dre. No one believed either of ‘em when we were told that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II and Detox would drop in our lifetimes (R.I.P. to those that didn’t make it long enough), but Rae..

Beat Drop: Organized Noize.

With the all-too-real “sophomore jinx” phenomenon that is as prevalent in music as it is in sports, dropping a second album that is a complete transformation in sound from one’s debut is a risky move. Yet, despite a platinum plaque, a Source Award for Best New Group, and loads of..

Beat Drop: Timbaland.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words — I can work with that. That should mean that instead of writing an extensive introduction about our latest Beat Drop honoree, one Timothy Mosley, I can simply show a picture and be good. And for that picture, I ask you..

When arrows don’t penetrate…

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” If those three words evoke thoughts of joy, happiness, and doughy-eyed dreams about the one you love, then you’ll probably want to stop reading this post now and head over to Souled On, where I contributed an installment to the homie Scholar’s “Love Lockdown” series, highlighting my..

Beat Drop: Pimp C.

I’ll be honest (probably more honest than most) — I didn’t know who UGK was before 1999. You could’ve handed me a copy of Vol. 3… Life And Times Of S. Carter, pointed to track 11 on the back cover, and said, “This kid right here is the next big..

ML Fun Facts! (11/1/08)

This may be the last Fun Facts! post for a little while. On December 1st, I’ll be knee-deep in finals (and fuck whatever you’re going through, law school finals are on some other other shit), and on January 1st, I’ll be somewhere, hopefully relaxing, hopefully not (but more than likely)..

Beat Drop Revisited: Alchemist.

You know how most hip hop magazines will have that issue where they go back and gave perfect ratings (5 Mics, XXLs and what have you) to certain albums that they had given lesser ratings to before? You know, basically rewriting history to cover up their prior mistakes? Well, we..

Fool’s Gold Records + Scion A/V Free Tour.

In you’re planning on being in one of the select cities listed below in the next week or so, it would be to your benefit to check out Nick Catchdubs and other acts from his label, Fool’s Gold Records, as they’re putting on a free tour sponsored by Scion. Scion’s..

Hustle Simmons – “Everybody” (Video)

[youtube][/youtube] Check this month’s The Source (with Young Jeezy on the cover) to find Philly duo Hustle Simmons‘ “Everybody” as the featured “Hot Track” in The Record Report — if you don’t want to take The Source’s word for it that this track is hot, take mine. Their album, Dave..

News From The Halfway House.

(Image courtesy of Nah Right) The homeboy Sammy hit me off with some news on Halfway House, Joe Budden’s appetizer to next year’s long-awaited Padded Room. It’s due out on October 28th — I’m used to saying “in stores” when albums are due out, but this one is only being..