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K. Sparks – Visual Sound (produced by T-Mos).

I didn’t post the last few K. Sparks joints because they weren’t that good, but he stepped his game up this week. Here’s what he had to say about this track: Visual Sound is a song that tells two stories…the first story is about a friend of mine that was..

Rev. Run Beatboxes to Wii Music.

I can’t tell if Run and the kids are really having fun or if they’re just damn good at pretending. Reviews of Wii Music suggest the latter. Run and fam are always entertaining though. Sidebar: I haven’t played it yet, but I’m giving Wii Music the benefit of the doubt..

Ghostface Killah – Computer Love.

(image source) Awesome new Ghostface. I was hyped as soon as I saw the title. If I was Elmer Fudd, Yo I’d get that bunny. Download: Ghostface Killah – Computer Love via OnSMASH Sphere: Related Content

Magestik Legend – Free.

This is easily the best thing I got out of CMJ Week. I met Magestik Legend at Fat Beats. I was talking to the crew there (what up to DJ SAV*ONE and The Audible Doctor, who produced the Brown Bag AllStars joint from awhile back) and they passed me a..