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Faith Evans – Keep the Faith, Book Review.

Faith Evans’ relevance to hip-hop and R&B has been cut down to her being one of the original members of the Bad Boy family and her being married to hip-hop’s beloved icon, The Notorious B.I.G. Faith, or (ghost?)writer Aliya S. King, recognizes this and opens the book with the night..

Blame One – Raw And Unreleased Mixtape.

Exile produces the shit out of this mixtape from Cali’s Blame One. His beats are nonstop retarded and Blame One keeps it moving on the mic. The only thing it’s missing is any kind of cohesion as it’s a compilation of unreleased joints. His album Days Chasing Days drops January..

DJ Muggs & Planet Asia – Pain Language The Mixtape.

DJ Muggs is sorely underrated. This mixtape is a prelude to his new project with Planet Asia, Pain Language. Muggs’ beats are incredible; they range from sinister to funky to soulful to exotic. Planet Asia brings a classic West Coast flow and seals the deal. It seems like the West..

OMG, Faith Evans.

Miss Info may be posting scans (slightly out of order) faster than Rick Ross can write a parking ticket, but Metal Lungies will have a full review of Faith Evans’ tell-all memoir soon. It’s taking longer than expected because the last book I read was Harry Potter. Every titillating gossipy..

What Would Have Been Jae Hood’s Album.

Remember Jae Hood (aka J-Hood/Jay Hood, they never really could decide)? He was that guy who was signed to D-Block and appeared on just about every mixtape that came out for a couple of years. He eventually got frustrated that his album hadn’t come out and left D-Block. In doing..

Unreleased Big L Track "Principle of the New School".

(image source) I’m definitely not as conversant with D.I.T.C as I should be. Here’s some unreleased early Big L off volume 2 of Lord Finesse’s Rare Selections EP. Download: Big L – Principle of the New School Bonus: Big L – ’95 Freestyle via Unkut Sphere: Related Content

Jockin’ Jay-Z With 100% More Puppets

I was pretty much already sick of this song until P-Dash breathed new life into it by ingeniously  incorporating puppets. Mark my words: puppets are the next big thing in hip-hop. Place this quote and win 100 ML funpoints*: He’s like Gandhi, but better – he likes puppets. I love..