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Buy Muy Drugs – Buy Muy Drugs.

Drug dealer as antihero, hero, and everyman. This is another candidate for album of the year. BUY MUY DRUGS by Buy Muy Drugs Sphere: Related Content

Young Nudy – Nudy Land.

Young Nudy is Atlanta’s newest trap sensation. Pierre Bourne’s beat on “Pussy” sounds like Chad Hugo meets Sonny Digital.

Tha God Fahim – Chicken Milk Bomb (ft. Mach-Hommy).

It’s hard to keep up with Tha God Fahim. He released another EP while I was writing this post. But here are some of the highlights from his oeuvre in the past few months. Expect gonzo psychedelic beats, flamboyant shit talk, and a lot of Mach-Hommy. “Chicke Milk Bomb” is..