Must Read Lungies

All of the goodness

Azizi Gibson – Backwards Books.

Brainfeeder artist Azizi Gibson’s new joint is cloud rap’s redemption. He floats through breezy beats while laughing off worldly concerns and indulging in substances and old school Nintendo. Listen to it below and download it here. There’s also a Reloaded edition on iTunes with more songs.

Lord Finesse – Moog Montage x Doin What I Want.

For the cultivated among you, The SP1200 Project is a collection of unreleased beats culled from Lord Finesse’s archives. Listen to it as you grouse about how kids these days are out of control and don’t appreciate real music. I might even join you.

E+RO=3 – good luck (P.U.D.G.E. Remix).

When we ask for crazy left-field progressive beats, we’re often just asking for exotic samples and loud drums. P.U.D.G.E. tramples those and any other expectations you may have. A remix for fellow beatmaker E+RO=3 doesn’t knock so much as it rumbles and whispers. There’s a drum pattern, a melody, and a vocal..