Must Read Lungies

All of the goodness

El Michels Affair – Dhuaan.

Heavy Hindi psych is a new and welcome color on El Michels Affair. They’re doing an entire album in this style next year, called Yeti Season. Dhuaan b/w Sha Na Na by El Michels Affair

EAR.DRUM – Deaf Ray.

Luxurious and sumptuous beats on this instrumental album from producer EAR.DRUM who ignores the sparseness and desolation that might earn a Griselda placement and opts for 1,000 thread count soul samples. DEAF RAY by EAR.DRUM [QThree]

The Koreatown Oddity – Koreatown Oddity.

Until recently, I knew the Koreatown Oddity as an LA guy who made some fantastic psychedelic goofball rap with Ras G. See “House Party” and “Burfday.” This year, he told his life story on a sprawling and intimate self-produced album; a prestige coming of age picture without the boring shit. Some..