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Just Like The Good Old Days

Have you ever feel a movie is pointless, boring, insulting, and deserves nothing more than to be pulled from the theater? If so the solution to your problem is to shoot someone who was at the movie with you. Follow Me. Apparently these three dudes got in a scuffle with..

Please leave the rap ALONE!

So this past few weeks I’ve been keeping my ear to the street as always and I’ve noticed a disgustya trend… everyone and their sister wants to make a rap record. For the sake of our ears, I hope the following do no such thing. For real, make a cookbook..

Its official, Ron Artest = My favorite player *no homo*.

Who ever took this photo needs to get some award or some shit. With Reggie retired my new favorite player is Ron Artest aka the music mogul, if the new pacers jerseys weren’t so damn ugly, Id def cop one. On the Jewish cat that is running this basketball shit,..

A new t-shirt idea courtesy of Quan.

No he isn’t a terrorist, he is worse, he’s a hustler RAPPER. Apparently Nas’ main man who was getting a lot of buzz after that song they had, Just For a Moment was arrested and hit with a boat load of charges. But he did have 19,000 dollars in cash..

Vikings & Zygi Wilf= GULLY!

Tice cant believe the stripper chose Adam Goldberg over him. You might have heard about the Vikings of the football league enjoying some strippers, dome, and other fun things on a public rental boat ship.. apparently people hate on these type of events but at ML we don’t hate- we..

Props to Toledo, OH.

The gullyest city in the World. CNN Article This shit sounds so dope that I would throw down double the price of a Tyson fight to see this on Pay-Per-View (Like Juelz says “This is pay per view you gotta pay for this”). Maybe there will be footage because on..


So you thought we died? Joined G-Unit like Mase/MOP/Mobb Deep? The competition bought us out? Nah mang. We’ve been cyber creepin on the lo lo collecting that goodness we are known for so once again.. HERE WE GO…. P.S. FORMAT Change comin!! and cop that Young Cheezy (DMX you a..

Back from Mecca

Guttah Tired and worn I return to bring the word!!!! The word is Guttah……allow me to elaborate. I was recently (6 hours ago) in the capitol of hip-hop, NYC. Sticking to my usual plan of gulliness I hit the streets in search of some shit that I could not photograph...

Cleaning out my closet!

AYoooooooooooooo….. you might’ve been thinking ML is dead.. They ain’t gonna update no more..HELL NO. As diddy would say WE STILL HERE!!! Now don’t think for a minute that anything has slipped, my ears have been perked up *no homo*, taking notes and we gonna recap a whole month worth..