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Metal Lungie Diggin 8.13.06

Here a two tracks you can enjoy for some nice lazy sunday listening… First off is a timeless piece from Herbie Hancock, ‘Wiggle Waggle’. This is one of my favorite tracks from him, the trumpets on this tracks are just perfect. FYI Did you know Herbie Hancock was the first..

Yahoo subliminally pushing Snoop Dogg’s Porn?

So I was browsing Yahoo News and was reading a bit about some racist MTV2 cartoon called ‘Where My Dogs At?’ that was in some hot water and had a scene with Snoop Dogg having 2 women with him who were on chains, but they went above and beyond to..

Wu-Tang is for…..the animals?

XXL magazine never ceases to amaze me. I was flipping through the recent issue of XXL when I came across an ad for PETA, of all things, urging readers to go vegeterian. Interestingly enough the ad featured Masta Killa, standing over a plate of some appetizing food. The ad for..

Rumor Has It Punk Is Back

Rumor Has It is the reason why anyone ever fell in love with punk rock in high school, saved up for that electric guitar and pitiful second-hand amp. They were the band that played for beer at Jason’s house when his parents went to the Cape for the long weekend...

Makes Bill Nye As Boring As Growing Grass

JP: btw JP: i hope it’s safe to microwave styrofoam Pal: uh Pal: it’s totally not JP: because i just heated up last night’s mexican food JP: hahah JP: dude don’t lie Pal: seriously, that’s a no no JP: haha JP: well crap JP: i just put it in the..

There’s No “I” In Screamo, But There’s One In “Kiss My Ass”

The now-defunct punk post-hardcore band known as All My Heroes shined briefly on their first and last album Magnolia Street, nearly two years ago on the fledgling Florida-based label Secondhand Records. Originally recording a four-song demo under the name Citizen Kane, AMH transitioned from demo to album and successfully refined..

7.31.06 Tru Life, Rick Ross, Ghostface Concert.

When you are rocking Wallabees you don’t need much else. Last night, hangover and I hit up the Boost Mobile Rockcorps show over at the 9:30 club. The only way to get in this show was to do volunteer work at the Latin American Montessori Bilingual School the day before...

Sportscenter, I bid farewell to you.

Something has happened inside of Bristol that is begging for a Carl Monday investigation. Just about a week ago there was the ESPN original programming of the World Series of Darts. But now my attention shifted to Sportscenter, The writers and the producers of the show have either hit the..

Painstakingly Avoiding Puns Here…

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings within a single bound, and no need for a pick-up line, Superman saves the world time and time again from nefarious villains bent on global domination and/or the destruction of humanity. But when he’s not averting nuclear disaster, plugging dams..

Metal Lungie Diggin 7.29.06

This Classic Track by Joe Cocker, ‘Woman to Woman’ has been sampled in one of the most famous songs of 90s, hip-hop, if you don’t know or recongnize the song its sampled in, you haven’t heard 2Pac’s ‘California Love (shame on you!), produced by Dr. Dre. The original track is..