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Dr. Octagon- Chapter 7

The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 7: Catchdubs “Al Green” (Chapter 2, Verse 908 Remix) OCD International HQ Rob Sonic sat around the OCD HQ with a cup of coffee in front of him, As he slowly poured a healthy serving of whiskey into it, he looked around him. Mike..

All Clipsed & Cubed Out!

What up everyone, Back on May 15th I was fortunate to see the Clipse and Dogg Pound open up for Ice Cube, now after fixing my shitty internet, I was finally able to upload the concert video to share. First off, no doubt the Clipse are one of my favorite..

Dr. Octagon- Chapter 6

Part 6 is a little late because your boy was on vacation, now I’m back fulltime and I’m not going ANYWHERE. The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 6: Kid Loco in the Return of “A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck” (Banana Loco Mix) -Paris, France; at a streetside cafe on..

Jurassic 5 Tour Dates

REMOVED The first single off their new album Feedback (Which drops July 25th) is ‘Work It Out’ feat. Dave Matthews Band, Here is the stream for it Windows Media Player, Real Player.

Dr. Octagon- Chapter 5

And we keep it moving with the Dr. Octagon series here is the 5th installment. The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 5: Cassettes Won’t Listen- “Aliens (Hearing Aid Remix)” OCD International HQ
 A red light blinks on the machine. As play is pressed, a frantic message comes over sound..

The Shit you have to watch…

When Tony Sparks talks you HAVE to watch & listen.. I was cracking up watching this, one of the best internets finds in a bit. He could talk about knitting sweaters and that shit would be interesting. I spotted this on SpineMagazine & Styles By Gram via Nahright The shit..

The Bounce

Perfect Angle + Steroid Bouncing= oh since im gonna be MIA till atleast Friday my WC picks are ( I can have 2 damn it!): Netherlands & Czech Republic. But here is kind of an odd reason I will be cheering for the motherland, Ukraine.

ML Exclusive: Sammie is Alive & Well (on KOCH?)

Remember this guy.. I know you do he was singing some kiddie ass shit in the late 90s and was on that Hardball soundtrack (which was able to bring together a lot of the rappers with the name Lil XXXXX.. Bow Wow, Wayne, Zane (Oh where have thou gone?)) now..

Something of note from VH1…

So another as I was watching TV post, I was watching the VH1 Rock Honors special yesterday and I noticed one interesting thing, there have been 2 Hip Hop Honors shows but the budget for the Rock Honors show was bigger than both hip hop shows combined times three, they..