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Time for Rehab…….

Ok, Get this. I woke up this morning at 6:00 to go and meet lethal for a Rockcorps volunteer thing for a ticket to see Ricky Ross, and Ghostface. Now we are both students and staying at parents home’s over the summer so when I pulled up at his house..

All That Pop Punk In Your Trunk

The embarrassingly catchy punk pop machine that is Cute Is What We Aim For starts off their debut album with something very few would dare: bare vocals. Sans instruments, drums, or any musical cover, you have six seconds of the honest and somewhat shaky Shaant Hacikyan in front of you,..

Escape The Fad?

In a world filled with Fall Out Boy fifty-word-minimum-essay song titles, you still have to give it up to Escape The Fate for the first track on their debut EP There’s No Sympathy For The Dead, entitled “Dragging Dead Bodies in Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills.” So relax critics,..

Pilot Post

In an effort to spice things up around here, The Artist Formerly Unknown As Djlethal01 has entrusted me to bring a fresh new perspective to Metal Lungies, and I’ll be reppin’ the Midwest Indie/Emo/Rock/Punk/Hardcore scene. To be honest I can’t claim to be an expert in anything; I’m not exactly..

Suburban Maryland Jogging.

I really like the guys jogging outfit..shit I like hers too! After such a phenomenal response (telepathic of course, see: 0 comments to the post) to the fart in the shoe aisle story, here is another ‘story’. So being the gadget whore that I am, I’ve been jogging (or “yogging”..

Welcome to our new place!

With today Metallungies is relaunching, and I promise you we have so much stuff coming you’d be a fool not to bookmark us.

Loose ends..

Some shit I want to drop on you guys real quick… Rick Ross showing the best rap beard this side of Freeway. First in celebration of me being able to see RICKEEEYYYYYYYY ROSSSSSSSSS along with Ghostface in a few weeks, check out a preview by the Fader of the record..

Dear ESPN,

His chest hair alone will probably get it’s own fan club. The man will start a revolution. 7.20.06 First you played a part in that craze of poker which saw middle schoolers forfeiting their lunches in exchange to play texas hold em’ at their lunch tables, by broadcasting the World..

Metal Lungie Diggin 7.16.06

So hopefully this is a series I’ll be able to run which I post some random tracks that I’m into or are I think you should check out. ok so to kick it off.. This is the extended remix of TLC’s 1992 hit ‘What About Your Friends’ ft. The Outkast..

ahhh my eyes.. and some Ron Ron

WARNING WARNING EVA LONGORIA WITHOUT MAKEUP FOLLOWS… hot. and yup Ron Artest is still keeping everything on point. see here: Q: Have you talked to him, done any campaigning to get him back? A: He called me last week. I told him if he leaves, then I’m going to kill..