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Classic Television.

This is my new favorite show!!! I was flippin through channels yesterday and instead of my usual passing of MTV I was blessed to come upon a show called “Blowin’ Up.” Now, I’m not that huge of a Jamie Kennedy fan but watching the dude go through a serious effort..

Say What?

Scrappy is loyal to Mrs. Cleo till his last day, word up. So XXL posted an interview with now G-Unit homie Lil Scrappy, it is quite interesting. my 2 highlights; Is there anything you wouldn’t do for more money? Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t be no faggot. That’s about it...

ML’s Something to View 7.06.06

Recently I have really been into watching documentaries, one of the last I’ve seen is ‘The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till’, it goes into great depths of a senseless murder of a 13 year old, Emmett Till in racist Mississippi. I’ve never heard of this event before Kanye name..

Dr. Octagon- Chapter 8

The end of the series is here folks, sorry to all for the delay in posting this, so enjoy it. The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 8: Dj ESE & Bisc1 “Perfect World” (Life During Wartime Remix) Rob Sonic, Mike Relm, The Gray Kid and the staff of OCD stood..

We Got Him 4 Cheep!

Does anybody remember Stack Bundles? That dude who was on pretty much every NY mixtape for the last couple of years but still hasn’t “blown up”. Well apparently the man who is the self-declared center of a label “bidding war” has chosen to roll with the Byrdgang. Now I’m not..

Explain this…

So I was over at SpineMagazine and they posted a new Rampage (long time Flipmode Squad homie) track off of his new album, the track is called I’m Rollin With You, in an interview when the said song is asked about… : A lot of people are saying you..

Mos Def and Al Gore

Shows Mos Def knows his shit.. Artist on Aritst: Al Gore and Mos DefAdd to My Profile | More Videos

Dear New York Knicks, get ready to suck some more.

Isaiah Providing one beautiful stare. So The Knickerbockers have fired Larry Brown, that should kind of irk you, but the fact Isaiah Thomas will become coach should force any Knicks fan to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. With the roster they got now they are starting to look like Trailblazers..

What the shit…

Biz Markie shows Fat Joe, what Fat really is. So Fat Joe is telling everyone to bet our kitchen sinks on his new album which drops in september, as much as I enjoy betting my kitchen sink on things (or throwing refrigerators), I am not buying it because he already..

Ali Vegas.

My favorite NY mixtape rapper, this side of Papoose has a little video out, actually he and Pap have been around the same amount of time, He came around 1999-2000, and Pap was around in 1999, he had a vinyl out and some tracks with Kool G Rap. Random factoid,..