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All Clipsed & Cubed Out!

What up everyone, Back on May 15th I was fortunate to see the Clipse and Dogg Pound open up for Ice Cube, now after fixing my shitty internet, I was finally able to upload the concert video to share. First off, no doubt the Clipse are one of my favorite..

Dr. Octagon- Chapter 6

Part 6 is a little late because your boy was on vacation, now I’m back fulltime and I’m not going ANYWHERE. The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 6: Kid Loco in the Return of “A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck” (Banana Loco Mix) -Paris, France; at a streetside cafe on..

Jurassic 5 Tour Dates

REMOVED The first single off their new album Feedback (Which drops July 25th) is ‘Work It Out’ feat. Dave Matthews Band, Here is the stream for it Windows Media Player, Real Player.

Dr. Octagon- Chapter 5

And we keep it moving with the Dr. Octagon series here is the 5th installment. The Return Of Doctor Octagon, Chapter 5: Cassettes Won’t Listen- “Aliens (Hearing Aid Remix)” OCD International HQ
 A red light blinks on the machine. As play is pressed, a frantic message comes over sound..

The Shit you have to watch…

When Tony Sparks talks you HAVE to watch & listen.. I was cracking up watching this, one of the best internets finds in a bit. He could talk about knitting sweaters and that shit would be interesting. I spotted this on SpineMagazine & Styles By Gram via Nahright The shit..

The Bounce

Perfect Angle + Steroid Bouncing= oh since im gonna be MIA till atleast Friday my WC picks are ( I can have 2 damn it!): Netherlands & Czech Republic. But here is kind of an odd reason I will be cheering for the motherland, Ukraine.

ML Exclusive: Sammie is Alive & Well (on KOCH?)

Remember this guy.. I know you do he was singing some kiddie ass shit in the late 90s and was on that Hardball soundtrack (which was able to bring together a lot of the rappers with the name Lil XXXXX.. Bow Wow, Wayne, Zane (Oh where have thou gone?)) now..

Something of note from VH1…

So another as I was watching TV post, I was watching the VH1 Rock Honors special yesterday and I noticed one interesting thing, there have been 2 Hip Hop Honors shows but the budget for the Rock Honors show was bigger than both hip hop shows combined times three, they..

Dr. Octagon – Chapter 4

Here we reach the halfway point with Chapter 4, enjoy! The Setting: 3 AM, A wet, but warm late night, or should we say early morn, in the Bronx. Def Jukie Rob Sonic finds himself, as he has many times, at his favorite joint, The Telicatessen. His head in his..