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Since I know you’ve been hearing it, many of you are probably asking “What the fuck is Flavploitation?” Well, our good man Chuck-D describes it as “the systematic one-sidedness of the production companies that are chosen by these big corporate entities.” I would put it in the simpler terms of..

Spring Break Thuggin.

We ain’t so clean cut no mo’ Sup sup ladies and gents so I was talkin to my homie Mark, and I played a random track and it was 50 Cent-Elementary and lets just say I don’t even know what to say here is the hook… [50 Cent] The cat..

This is what I come back to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just came back from a nasty bout of the flu and as soon as I find something newsworthy it has to be this………N*E*R*D* is no more. The Supergroup broke up after a stream of management conflicts at Virgin Records. This is a sad day in music history, N*E*R*D* was..

Just a little bit.

First thing is first, Fade to Black owns me, thank you very much, and it will own you too! Next I highly recommend that you check out an album called Prince Po-The Slickness, now this banger came out in early 2004, when I copped it but I didnt give it..

March Madness is over for me.

Thanks to Syracuse, and Kansas aka half of my final four on the right side of the bracket is done, that’s just wonderful. Just when I though picking the loveable ‘Bama. boys to go to the sweet 16 would be my worst mistake.. If Arizona & Gonzaga make it to..

Prison for Everyone!!!!!

Queen Bee is going away!!!! Lil Kim was found guilty of perjury and conspiracy. She was found not guilty of Obstruction of Justice. What does this mean for Hip Hop!? I DON’T CARE!!! The Bitch has like two songs I like, one of which is “Money, Power, And Respect” which..

And The Verdict is…

METALLUNGIES IS GUILTY A cold has been trying to keep me down but it wont, I was supposed to do an update yesterday but a very sweet siesta got in the way of that. Going with the legal theme for a bit… MR X to the Z was caught in..

Free C!!!!!

I know ya’ll heard of him, thats right our friend C-Murder is looking to face a mandatory minimum of life in prison after a being denied his request for a retrial he petioned for on the grounds of racist witnesses and police. Maybe the judge wasn’t to pleased by the..

Don’t sleep.

COOKED CRACK…Fat Joe probably spent a lot of studio time to actually make an album worthy diss response, I’m pretty much split on the call if it is better then Jada’s response, Joey mentioning the Vibe Awards and G-Unit running out was most def. the highlight for me which can..


First and foremost rip to b-i-g, to be honest he wasn’t my personal favorite but surely one of the greatest.. and while Fiddy and Game were busy getting their thug luv on, Jadakiss dropped a pretty decent response (could be better) but still eons better then Piggy Bank. Hopefully a..