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NBA Trade Recap.

Last night was the most active trade day since the mid 1980′s so I know I had to come through with my analysis you are sure to cherish… AND I WILL COVER THE TRADES ESPN DOESN’T CARE/WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT Kings send Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley..

The Night Shift.

I’ll Try Not to Cry (I couldve made a fortune if I jumped on one early) Blasting OFF (your ride) RIGHT NOW (UK Only refrence) I’d care maybe if this was 1998 I hope this dosent effect his Promotion schedule! If you pay that much for a hat designed by..

The Beginning of the End.

Cause Don’t We All need a Little Miriam Makeba. Missy’s-Mile? Is Don Cartegena a biter. (My opinion: FUCK NO!!!!) The Massacre Bootlegged!!!! Say it Ain’t So!!! 50 Ripping of Ghost *cough*on Track 21*cough* Surely you Jest!!! Harlem World Stretches far and its Emissaries are great and many. Track Of The..