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Game Over

50 cent came on Hot 97 yesterday and expressed his “dissappointment” for Game and proclaimed him dropped from G-Unit. The biggest point of conversation was Game’s disloyalty to G-Unit. 50 said he wrote 6 of Game’s songs including his 3 of his first singles and claimed his involvement was the..

And now, for some thing completely different

I’m gonna take off from the usual hip-hop grind for a moment to spread the word about a special something which has recently occupied a corner of my heart. That something is the SWAT 4 single player demo. When I first tried a multiplayer demo of the new first person..

Aviator Who?

Beyonce…..singing… French? The Fuck?! Anyway, back to the hip hop shit. Esco’ speaking back……intriguing. Styles P….Black? Its all worth it for that one line, “The fact of the matter is if I need to eat, you get beat.” A lot of talk going around, but talk makes beef, and beef..

NEVER Again!

This is where our Oscar coverage ends, deepest apologies go out to all goes to all of our 3 readers, but the amount of fake ass shit, I cannot take. To realize how bad this shit is, Chris Rock is probably my favorite comic behind Chappelle but unless he is..


Well, the psycho people here at metal lungies will be providing some LIVE(!!!) Oscar coverage of shit like the red carpet and more! We haven’t even started AND has already sold out.. I come to ESPN for SPORTS not some fucking (Kevin Frazier) Entertainment Tonight tip-shit.


Will Smith Over the “How We Do” beat on the Tim Westwood Show. (It’s Pretty Nice) The Hate it or Love it Video!!!! Its an exclusive!!! (Right Click “Save Target As”) More Coming, including the “The Massacre of 50 Cent” (Fat Joe Diss Track)

Have you seen this DVD?

I remember hearing about this DVD around the time the clones album dropped but I cant seem to find any info on it… and Britney/Mona Lisa is keep it straight gutta, (hanging around junkyards?) Uhhhh Kanye in playgirl? p.s. *NO HOMO*


All your Ugandan Fire… under one banner. Shit is crucial. (No joke I will really try to get this) With everyone wondering about the next move of the royal family, could it be the 1,2 step? You dream about a single like this… finally the GLC is a video ho-fessional...

NBA Trade Recap.

Last night was the most active trade day since the mid 1980′s so I know I had to come through with my analysis you are sure to cherish… AND I WILL COVER THE TRADES ESPN DOESN’T CARE/WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT Kings send Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley..

The Night Shift.

I’ll Try Not to Cry (I couldve made a fortune if I jumped on one early) Blasting OFF (your ride) RIGHT NOW (UK Only refrence) I’d care maybe if this was 1998 I hope this dosent effect his Promotion schedule! If you pay that much for a hat designed by..