A Look Back and the Biggest Beef Ever!!

Old Slick Rick interview only recently published.
[Highlight] AllHipHop.com: What were you most afraid of as a child?
Slick Rick: Mice.

Kevin Reed was the guy who got shot at the recent Hot 97 shooting. Supposedly he was part of Game’s crew who were there to confront 50 cent. He says one of 50′s people shot him. Apparently, on the night of the Hot97 shooting, shots were fired at 50′s managing company, no one was injured.

Also, Many residents of Newport News, Virgina felt offended by the lyrics in 50 Cent’s new song “The Ski Mask Way.” In the song 50 nicknames the town “Bad News” and refers to it as “easy picking” for hustlers. 50 played a smart move and said he meant no offense by the lyrics stating, “I don’t want a beef with a town. No town, nowhere.” I predict a diss track next week from the Bad News Crew (or the Collective Residents of Newport News) which will ensue in to possibly the biggest beef of all time surpassing all feuds from Fat Joe, Jada, Nas, Ja Rule, and Game. Classic……

50 don’t want beef with this:

They will reenact his ass to the morgue.

Track of the Day (The Beat is Fire): Chino XL ft. Proof- Our Time

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