Inventing David Geffen Documentary, Video.

Chances are David Geffen has had some sort of effect on your life (HE BIRTHED ASYLUM, THE LABEL GUCCI MANE IS SIGNED TO), the man is kind of a big deal. PBS dropped a documentary on him last week while you were scrambling home for Thanksgiving, I was floored after..

ML @ New York Comic Con 2011.

New York Comic Con! Baby Boba Fett with a tiny red lightsaber! Unabashed anime love! Sexy Asian Mario with big boobs! Hispanic Captain America! Comic Con, where we nerds come to roost! I wandered the floor on Thursday and Friday drinking in the sights and sounds and playing video games...

Please, watch Lone Star on Fox on Mondays.

Yeah, yeah, this sounds like a paid post (what is the blogger term for payola, anyway?). Well, it’s not, it’s more like a plea. I came across Lone Star (a new drama on FOX) this past week.. I DVRed it, and got around to finally watching it a few days..

Does RZA even rap or produce anymore?

On Friday evening (I know, I know) I was aimlessly flipping through the ol’ cable box, ready to turn the TV set off, when I saw RZA’s face on NBC.  Apparently, RZA was guest starring on a new NBC show starring Jimmy Smits (of NYPD Blue fame). I only saw..