Does RZA even rap or produce anymore?

On Friday evening (I know, I know) I was aimlessly flipping through the ol’ cable box, ready to turn the TV set off, when I saw RZA’s face on NBC.  Apparently, RZA was guest starring on a new NBC show starring Jimmy Smits (of NYPD Blue fame). I only saw the tail-end of the episode but RZA was playing.. a wait for it..a person jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. Anyway if you care to see RZA’s acting the embed is below.

Now, these days, a rapper appearing on a TV series are more common than bedbugs in Manhattan, but then I stumbeled across this on youtube.

Late pass please.

RZA co-starring with Joe Jonas (Jo Bros!!), Jake Gyllenhaal, & Lil’ Jon in a video for indie darlings Vampire Weekend’s Giving Up The Gun?

Yeah.. all of that combined let me to ask the question that you see in the title of the post. I’m not in the least bit upset or worried about RZA doing all this stuff, I’m just saying, hopefully there is enough beats to do a 2nd Beat Drop this decade.

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