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Metallungies @ Bonnaroo 2017.

It’s June so you know that our coordinates are are 35.469000, -86.051360, right in the middle of Bonnaroo (like we always do about this time). We hope to have some dispatches on what we hear and see around us on the farm this weekend, maybe even describe some smells ????...

Bonnaroo 2016 Day 3 Quick Recap.

If Bonnaroo is meal, Thursday is the appetizer, Friday and Saturday is the 2 part main course, and Sunday is the (bitter)sweet chocolate desert.  On Saturday our 2nd part of the main course was substantial, and didn’t leave the farm till 3am. First on our agenda was The Internet, the..

Bonnaroo 2016 Day 2 Quick Recap.

Friday at Bonnaroo kicked it into the next gear with all tents being joined by the openings of the Which & What Stages. Our day started out in the Comedy Tent.  The MC and opening act Ian Abramson got the crowed laughing. A part of his set included wearing a fully functioning..

Bonnaroo 2016 Day 1 Quick Recap.

We have arrived to the farm. The shortest day of the festival was also the coolest, temperature wise, and for checking out more under the radar acts. We kicked off our festival by watching LANY, the poppy modern ballads were perfect for young love…we thought that was a good idea to..

Metallugnies at Bonnaroo 2016.

Metallungies is heading back to the farm for our annual music pilgrimage for the 15th installment of Bonnaroo. We’re lathered up in the highest of SPFs, our hydro kanteens are filled with the finest of filtered water. These are the keys to not dying in 99 degree heat and being able to type some unfunny..

Bonnaroo 2015 Day 2 Quick Recap.

ML’s 2nd and first full day of Bonnaroo 2015 kicked off with the English duo Royal Blood, who instantly won us over with their selection of Pharaoh Monch’s ‘Simon Says’ as their intro music. We agreed the way to describe Royal Blood’s big amp guitar shredding sound is a mix of..

Metal Lungies at Bonnaroo 2015.

  It’s June and what happens in June? Bonnaroo, duh. Metal Lungies’ favorite time of the year where we pack up and setup camp (in an air conditioned rented home) to enjoy the best music festival in America (maybe North America? maybe Earth?). We’ve been to so many ‘roos that..

Toss out the emojis, RapKey is the keyboard you need.

RapKey is a new custom keyboard for iOS/iPhone that allows you to send rap bars on demand. Because let’s be real, you need to be sending your girl some Wu-Tang lyrics instead of those heart emojis you have been sending her since you got your iPhone4.  Download & submit lyrics at..

Bonnaroo 2014 Day 3 Quick Recap.

Day 3 of Bonnaroo 2014 was our most grueling physical test yet. We started the day with a daytime dance session courtesy of the electro-pop duo Classixx who played a dance-worthy selection of their original songs as well their remixes of songs such as  Yacht’s  ‘Psychic City’.  Later we caught..