Noah and the Whale – Life is Life, Yuksek Remix.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating sifting through piles of musical shit on Soundcloud for properly mastered remixes; most of the time (all of the time), I wish there was a law prohibiting anyone from adding Avicci-esque beats to a song; but every day, I wish that bros didn’t have access to Fruity Loops. Luckily,..

Kid Sister – Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”.

Kid Sister (another Chicago favorite) has proven her talents again with her remix of Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”. The beginning of the track is built to build up to Kid Sister’s verse that drops at about 1:20 and it is totally worth the small wait. It’s so catchy and has that..

Hercules and Love Affair – Shelter (The xx Cover).

Hercules and Love Affair have taken the xx’s minimalist hit “Shelter” and turned it into it’s robotic counterpart. Whereas the xx turn empty space into an understated symphony of vocals and bass Hercules and Love Affair are able to produce a fantastic cover  by filling that space with synth and cold..