So Awsome: Animated Mixtape Covers.

First there were Jeezy-themed movie posters and now animated mixtape covers. Internet, I love you. Look at the vibrating cup of drank and the flying rubber band on the cover of Juicy J & Lex Luger’s Rubba Band Business 2 and tell me you don’t want to tell all your..

An appeal to Timbaland, Video.

Valentine a hopeful pop superstar from Ukraine reaches out to mega-producer Timbaland via the youtubes. The result is.. well, let’s just say I haven’t laughed this hysterically in a while. I really hope Timbaland reaches out to dude, to make meme worthy music. Note: My mom sent me this video,..

RZA, Elijah Wood, Shirtless White Men Sing Black Eyed Peas.

If you dare, watch RZA and Elijah Wood perform The Black Eyed Peas’ “Gotta Feeling” — a performance that may have happened as a direct response to DJ01′s recent post about the abbot’s distractions. The other guys in the video are Nacho Vigalondo, Eugenio Mira, Tim League, and Michael Lerman..

Robot Unicron Attack.

OK so let’s talk about Robot Unicorn Attack. I got a link from my friend last night who just told me, “play it. beautiful music.” I didn’t follow the link right away because I was reading a book. I know, I’m lame. But tonight, I noticed two of my roommates..

Flying Lotus Remixes Lil Wayne.

(image)  Flying Lotus is the only person who can get me to listen to Lil Wayne. The LA beatsmith remixed “I Feel Like Dying” and “A Milli” with mind-blowing results. Listen and freak out. Download: Flying Lotus Lil Wayne Remixes and Instrumentals Brainfeeeder via Passion of the Weiss Sphere: Related..

Three Things To Do When Raekwon Dies.

When he’s not unwinding his trademark crime stories, Raekwon is contemplating his mortality. I scanned his yrics and found three specifications for the Chef’s funeral: 1.“Iron Maiden”, Ironman, 1997: You might get snowed on/when I go, bury me with velour on Rae considers a track suit to be appropriate burial..

Ron Artest – Workout.

Powerful workout visuals + dangerous quotables + Ron Artest’s unique cadence = domination. Watch this video, go do a hundred crunches, and then watch it again. Get inspired, people. Watch Ron sing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” after the jump. (more…) Sphere: Related Content

Ghostface Buried a KFC Bucket in Brett Ratner’s Backyard.

Complex talked to Rush Hour/X-Men 3 director Brett Ratner about his history directing hip-hop videos. Notably, Ratner directed the million dollar video for the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Triumph” and it sounds like it was a life-changing experience. So three days into the edit, I get a call that Ghost had had..

ML is doing Cat Massages, Video.

So you are probably still asking where I’ve been hiding out, kinda lacking on the posting front? I’m actually working on bonding with my cat thanks to the advice this lady has blessed my life with. Be back soon.  MAJOR WHISKER ALERT till then. Sphere: Related Content