Must Read Lungies

All of the goodness

Sir & Iman Omari – Designated Driver.

One of the few worthwhile tributes from Dilla Day 2014 was Sir & Iman Omari’s “Designated Driver” which mimics James Yancey to satisfying effect. Also peep Omari’s Vibe Tape +?+?+ (2), which includes an oddly succesful neo-soul flip of Modjo’s “Lady”.

Ne-Yo – New Love.

Ne-Yo’s Valentine’s Day EP 3 Simple Rules started off with something special. “New Love” gets its buoyancy from a doo-wop beat but also from Ne-Yo’s soaring Christmas morning performance. Listen and feel good.

Roscoe Dash – My Tyme (ft. Scotty).

Wow, who taught Roscoe Dash how to rap? Yes readers, we’re not above sharing a Roscoe Dash song when it’s awesome. He and Scotty share an impressive double time flow to boot.

Tracy T – Champagne (produced by TM88).

The bangers that really strike a chord and make you want to scream your head off are the ones that do something interesting structurally. “Champagne” has that with its lopsided rhythmic chant. Allow me to demonstrate: “In the VIP you see my chain, bring me chamPAGNE / In the Louis..

Tourist – I Can’t Keep Up.

Fresh off of a stint in the U.S., Tourist has debuted his first music video for his upcoming EP, Patterns. “I Can’t Keep Up” is the first track that Tourist has produced that has a guest vocalist and we were not disappointed. Will Heard, a British singer/songwriter, brings a good..