Must Read Lungies

All of the goodness

Snootie Wild – Stackin It Flippin It.

Another hit from Yo Gotti’s camp: Snootie Wild raps like he’s giving a sermon on “Stackin It Flippin It”. Seriously, he has a cadence that makes you want to hit the airport.

Zed Zilla – Alright (ft. Cap 1).

A connoisseur of bangers (no Miley Cyrus) knows to look for texture and “Alright” sounds and feels like nothing else. A cacophony of clattering and whistling synths is more progressive and weird than anything I’d expect from Zed Zilla — though he and Cap 1 both kill it on here.

Swarvy – Jawbraker x Tapeghost.

Pennsylvania’s Swarvy is quickly becoming one of my favorite new beat dudes. “Jawbraker” sounds broken in the best possible way and “Tapeghost” is a blunted medley with so many colors that it feels much longer than its six minute runtime.

Slum Village – Yes Yes, Video.

Throwback rap videos are the best rap videos. See also People Under the Stairs’ “Trippin at the Disco” and of course Snoop’s immaculate “Sensual Seduction”. Also, Dilla beat.