Bonnaroo 2015 Day 3 Quick Recap.

Day 3 started off late for our crew when we decided that resting up was more important than catching anything before 6PM. Arriving bright eyed and only a little bit dusty we booked it to Jamie XX‘s set. As you’ve seen here we’ve been pretty excited about his new album..

Bonnaroo 2015 Day 2 Quick Recap.

ML’s 2nd and first full day of Bonnaroo 2015 kicked off with the English duo Royal Blood, who instantly won us over with their selection of Pharaoh Monch’s ‘Simon Says’ as their intro music. We agreed the way to describe Royal Blood’s big amp guitar shredding sound is a mix of..

Bonnaroo 2015 Day 1 Quick Recap.

Day 1 of Bonnaroo 2015 for ML started off with working our way through the heat to hip hop blog sensation Dej Loaf. We’re looking forward to what she’ll have to show us in the next year or so but in her debut Bonnaroo appearance it was clear that the crowd was more..

Metal Lungies at Bonnaroo 2015.

  It’s June and what happens in June? Bonnaroo, duh. Metal Lungies’ favorite time of the year where we pack up and setup camp (in an air conditioned rented home) to enjoy the best music festival in America (maybe North America? maybe Earth?). We’ve been to so many ‘roos that..

Bonnaroo 2014 Day 4 Quick Recap.

Day 4 was our last day of Bonnaroo which is always a bittersweet event. Our legs are tired, our skin is burnt (BECAUSE WE FORGOT TO APPLY OUR NEUTROGENA SUNSCREEN), but we’d gladly take that on the regular if it meant we got to stay on The Farm. We started off the..

Bonnaroo 2014 Day 3 Quick Recap.

Day 3 of Bonnaroo 2014 was our most grueling physical test yet. We started the day with a daytime dance session courtesy of the electro-pop duo Classixx who played a dance-worthy selection of their original songs as well their remixes of songs such as  Yacht’s  ‘Psychic City’.  Later we caught..

Bonnaroo 2014 Day 2 Quick Recap.

On day 2 of Bonnaroo, Seun Kuti started off a delayed 2 PM set by leading his late father’s band, Egypt 80. They sounded fantastic but had a crew of the most apathetic facial-expressioned musicians. After deliberation we agreed that the shekere (think gourd-maraca hybrid) player won for least-enthused. We..

Bonnaroo 2014 Day 1 Quick Recap.

Day 1 of Bonnaroo 2014 for ML started off with checking out the one band man Robert DeLong who continued to impress by playing a mix of electronic instruments (including a Wii controller) along with drums and keys. With time to kill we stumbled across Quickie Mart at the Silent Disco..

Metal Lungies at Bonnaroo 2014.

Our bandanas are ready, we are fully lathered in Nutregena SPF-30 sunscreen and we are off to Bonnaroo. We’ve lost count on how many of these we’ve been to. Here is a quick and easy cheat list of acts you should see. We’ve picked 5 acts per day outside of any headliners...