The Riddle


ML’s Riddle 7.06.07

Wu-Tang Clan on MTV Cribs, in a rented pad in L.A., back while they were recording The W: [youtube][/youtube] Murs’ video for “Risky Business”, featuring Shock G and, Shock’s infamous alter-ego, Humpty Hump (Video NSFW, and may put our recent PG-13 rating at risk): [youtube][/youtube] Am I tripping, or are..

ML’s Riddle 5.24.07

Earlier this week my man K over at Analog Giant posted about a New York times article. The article covers how the place where Hip-Hop was given its birth is in danger of becoming just another plain apartment complex. The building is fighting on 2 fronts, to stay as public..

ML’s Riddle 4.10.07

I read this exhaustive article in Washington Post over the weekend. It was about how they created a social experiment where they put a violinist, Joshua Bell, to act as a metro street performer. Bell is considered one of the best if not the best in world in classical music...

ML’s Riddle 3.28.07

While walking around today (not making drug deals but rather trying to get a smoothie, in a gangsta flavor, of course), I heard a ringtone for Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s“. Then I thought about all the rappers that have freestyles over the beat, Kanye, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Papoose, The Game,..

ML’s Riddle 3.21.07

 Get your smile on! It’s another concept focused entry series intro time (I promise to keep it alive, as well reviving the other so called concept joints). So, I was sitting in the car with my girl listening to a mix and Tony Yayo‘s ‘So Seductive’ came on, then it really hit me how powerful 50..