Jay-Z signs Bill O’Reilly’s book, Video.

Only Rappers would get asked to sign books that are completely unrelated to them.  Judging by the confusion as to the meaning of ‘Off That’, Beck & O’Reilly didn’t pick up Blueprint 3.  “Peace, Bill. Off that.” Via Gawker Sphere: Related Content

ML @ New York Comic Con 2009.

Kid Flash and Solomon Grundy stood behind me in line for the coat check posing for pictures. For every picture, Grundy threw out his arms and roared. It takes a lot to get a New Yorker’s attention, but after the second or third roar, I had to turn around and..

ML @ New York Comic Con 2009: Itinerary.

At Metal Lungies, we eat, sleep and poop hip-hop. But sometimes, we get tired of the violence, drugs and stupidity. When that happens, we listen to Kid Cudi, Kanye West and other more lighthearted musical fare. But then we eventually get tired of the inane lyrics, ephemeral dance tracks and..

Faith Evans – Keep the Faith, Book Review.

Faith Evans’ relevance to hip-hop and R&B has been cut down to her being one of the original members of the Bad Boy family and her being married to hip-hop’s beloved icon, The Notorious B.I.G. Faith, or (ghost?)writer Aliya S. King, recognizes this and opens the book with the night..

OMG, Faith Evans.

Miss Info may be posting scans (slightly out of order) faster than Rick Ross can write a parking ticket, but Metal Lungies will have a full review of Faith Evans’ tell-all memoir soon. It’s taking longer than expected because the last book I read was Harry Potter. Every titillating gossipy..

Method Man Graphic Novel, Review.

Let me preface this review with the acknowledgement that  I have never before read a graphic novel and that my only experience with comics is Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, a handful of webcomics and of course the recent wave of comic book movies (Dark Knight in IMAX is still sold..

Method Man’s Graphic Novel

Via 50 Minutes To Live Tical’s comic book is actually coming out, and more information has been released since we posted about it last December. According to Amazon, Method Man will be a lean 110 page paperback. Meth cowrote the comic with David Atchison and artist Sanford Greene. Here’s an..

Copped- Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm

I didn’t actually cop this. Rather, my brother copped it for me. Its the life story of MF Grimm. The format is a comic book and is spans his whole career (up to American Hunger). Very interesting stuff. I didn’t even know dude was on Sesame Street?! Seems like kind..