Metal Lungies goes to Bonnaroo X 2011, Preview.

Another June, another Bonnaroo Metal Lungies is going to. Starting today we will be roaming the farm in Murfreesboro basking in the glory of the 10th anniversary of the completely sold out festival. Be sure to catch me on twitter, where we will be ranting, recapping, and instagraming… and other verbs. If you aren’t fortunate..

Fa Fa Fa Funky.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5-G2_1Zj6c[/youtube] Did you know that Dee Dee of the Ramones recorded a rap album as Dee Dee King in 1989? This single is not on the album but still terrible and entertaining in a kind of car-wreck way. Seek out the whole album if you hate your ears. I like..

Lupe Fiasco is a Fool…

But we love it. I woke up this morning and got this in my inbox: When you’re one of the greatest emcees of the modern generation readying your bow from hip-hop with three albums, what do you do meanwhile? In Lupe Fiasco’s case, you simply watch a film, get invigorated,..

Me and Nardwuar.

Hey, I forgot to mention this happened: I went to see Nardwuar’s band, the Evaporators, earlier this month and I got a chance to meet the man. Nardwuar is very friendly and a seriously cool guy. It’s a bit late for a full review but I will tell you two..

No Age-Eraser (Video).

My favorite band at the moment.  This video only reinforces the notion that No Age is going to change the world.  These two guys from Los Angeles (Dean Spunt and Randy Randall) have made the loudest record of the year, but yet their sound remains elusive.  Mind boggling.   More..

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer To Try His Hand At Rap?

WOW. Via a Pitchfork Media interview with Rivers: Pitchfork: Can you elaborate on what a more experimental Weezer record might sound like? RC: Longer songs, non-traditional song forms, different people writing and singing, instrument switching, TR-808s, synths, Southern rap, and baroque counterpoint– for starters. When asked for clarification on the..

Rumor Has It Punk Is Back

Rumor Has It is the reason why anyone ever fell in love with punk rock in high school, saved up for that electric guitar and pitiful second-hand amp. They were the band that played for beer at Jason’s house when his parents went to the Cape for the long weekend...