Rumor Has It Punk Is Back

Rumor Has It is the reason why anyone ever fell in love with punk rock in high school, saved up for that electric guitar and pitiful second-hand amp. They were the band that played for beer at Jason’s house when his parents went to the Cape for the long weekend. They are the band that plays every Battle of the Bands they can, rock out like it’s their last show, and will play in your basement no matter how small a party it is.

The keep-it-simple, keep-it-sweet trio from a sleepy town tucked away in the Northwest corner of Washington state dish out twelve minutes of honest punk rock on their eponymous EP. The no-frills four-song set keeps your foot tapping and the subject matter simple: “Slut” (perfect for mixtapes) and “Party Song” (the ultimate anthem for getting plastered and making choices you will regret in the morning).

This EP may not win a Grammy for songwriting but if you’ve been neglecting the punk in you, here’s your chance to make good again.


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July 1, 2006 – Rumor Has It (EP)

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