Makes Bill Nye As Boring As Growing Grass

JP: btw
JP: i hope it’s safe to microwave styrofoam
Pal: uh
Pal: it’s totally not
JP: because i just heated up last night’s mexican food
JP: hahah
JP: dude don’t lie
Pal: seriously, that’s a no no
JP: haha
JP: well crap
JP: i just put it in the microwave for 2 minutes
Pal: put some metal in there, it’ll be like a double neg and cancel it out
JP: if i die you can have my dignity
Pal: so i’d get nothing?

This little conversation prompted me to do some research, which led me to:

This is the most amazing Q&A set I have ever read. If you’ve ever wondered about microwaves and how they work, check this page out. My favorite question has to be:

My husband put a large metal bowl in our new microwave oven and tore a small hole in the oven’s metal screen while trying to close the door. My husband isn’t concerned, but the oven is mounted over the stove at face level and it certainly concerns me. Can we use it? — E, Ontario, Canada

I still haven’t figured out if styrofoam is hazardous after being nuked.


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