The Rapper Infirmary


Jordan With The Mic.

Good  news via AllHipHop Phife Dawg’s long fight with diabetes recently took a new turn for the better, as the Queens native finally received a kidney transplant. The new kidney comes after a waiting period of over two years, which saw Phife endure problems performing live and a dramatic weight..

VH1 Spotlight: ODB On Parole

Via Wu-Tang Mountain Via Bang The Box  I had no idea this existed. Mostly covers Ol’ Dirty’s release from prison while on parole. He sings old R&B with his mom, eats his first meal outside and comes on to a reporter at his press conference. Russell looks afflicted with the..

The Rapper Infirmary for 10.17.06, Cassidy & Fabolous

Starting today I’m going to have a new feature, inspired by weekly NFL injury reports, I present you The Rapper Infirmary. As of recently there are two east-cost MCs on the sideline; Cassidy has well manicured nails *nh*. Cassidy who, as I’m sure 99.9% of you know, was in a pretty bad car crash a few weeks ago...