The Notorious B.I.G. – Everyday Struggle (Dash EXP Remix).

I, like Son Raw, find dance remixes of classic hip-hop tracks repugnant, even offensive. But Dash EXP’s remix of “Everyday Struggle” is actually a worthy Biggie tribute because it keeps the anger of the original and even amplifies it. The sped up vocals bring out an urgency in Biggie’s voice..

Four Tet – Pinnacles.

Am I imagining a “Swahililand” sample in here? From Four Tet and Daphni’s new split 12″. Sphere: Related Content

Skream vs. 112 – Sublemonavailable (Son Raw Mashup).

In the Long Island suburban haven of my childhood, there is a large Jewish community. This meant that in the Summer of 2001, I went to at least one bar-mitzvah every week. These parties all had the same exact faces, the same kosher caterer, and the same spiky-haired DJ. This..

DJ Class – Dance Like a Freak.

Considering we were one of the first blogs to post the remixes of the 1st single (as well as the Kanye assisted remix), I’m The Shit, off DJ Class’s album,  Alameda Coldspring (it’s still bringing us a lot of traffic to this day), it would be  criminal if we didn’t..