The Worst Thing Ever.

No, its not fake. The Ying Yang Twins are doing a Christmas album. I got this via e-mail and I thought it was a joke until I heard this. The only track I heard was “Sleigh Ride”, and it might be the biggest piece of shit I have ever had..

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas from ML.

I know AM put up something a bit ago.. but I HAD to use this picture (note: YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST ON THE INTERNETS!). Enjoy some videos on how Prisoners spend their Christmas + Others, after the jump. Back Wednesdayish… (more…) Sphere: Related Content

Merry Christmas from ML

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you readers out there on the internets, and what better way to celebrate then to see RZA sing a Xmas classic? enjoy. [youtube]5MIoXIC0Bvo[/youtube] (click the video, to watch it because the embedding doesn’t work) Sphere: Related Content

If I died right now……

Earlier, I posted about the Dipset Christmas album coming out. I just heard a song from the album today (Not the Ballin’ remix) and I have to say it is some of the most classic Jim Jones material of all time. At points during the song he refers to Santa..

Purple Christmas

Oh my god! A Dipset Christmas CD! Why is the world such a wonderful place that we can get such guaranteed hilarity? I only hope this wonderful idea permeates pop culture and we start hearing people singing Purple City Carols on the corners of cities and towns everywhere. This may..