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Publicists, DJs, rappers, etc: Send your stuff to us and we’ll probably listen to it (but no guarantee). The likelihood of us listening to your music increases if you’re actually sending it to a person as opposed to spamming every site on Nah Right’s blogroll. Bonus points if you get some features from rappers/producers we’ve heard of or (gasp!) put an actual album together. List what you think are the best tracks. Don’t spam the comments with promos. If your signature is longer than your comment, we’re probably going to delete it.

If you choose to send us something and it interests us then we might feature it on the site. But we’ll be completely honest about our feelings toward it whether positive or negative. If the person you sent it to is really not feeling it then you may not hear back from him. Nothing personal. We wish you the best of luck.

If you’re sending us music, we recommend SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and

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  1. Nick "Bishop" Schwindt


    I hope this finds you well. I am releasing the first single from my debut project, Ca$tle KING$ide, and I need your support at  to ensure its success. I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into making this video and I would greatly appreciate you taking a moment of time to check out the fruits of my labor.

    “Moonlight Melodic” is a trip through the wilderness of the greater Los Angeles night. It’s a rendezvous over bluntfire in the concrete jungle. It’s the allure of a beautiful woman, the pitfalls of a poisonous romance, and the scent of ganjah in the air.

    The song is featured on Bishop’s debut project, Ca$tle KING$ide, and is available for immediate download at

    The video can be viewed at:

    Please share this with your audience at MetalLungies. I’ve got more darts up my sleeve and I’d love to build a working relationship with you and yours. As an independent artist, every ounce of publicity goes a long way. I truly appreciate how MetalLungies represents hard raps and raw rhymes. I’d love to be a part of spreading the culture from my speakerbox to yours.

    Good looking out on the strength yo…

    Nick “Bishop” Schwindt
    Twitter | IG: @DropJewelz

  2. Roach26

    1. Rostam Williams Sent me here (Hangover Monkey)
    2. Best track “The Host Remix”
    D[M]V native Rockville/Wheaton/Silver Spring area. If this gets picked ill write more.

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