A True Story


Cock Shot (Pause).

True story: In my senior year of high school, there was a freshman in my gym class with a high-pitched voice that we nicknamed Squeaky Little Bitch. We treated Squeaky like a little brother that we loved to mess with. One day, my friend thought it would be funny to..

Copped: Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode T-Shirt.

Yesterday on Twitter, Sportaphile mentioned an amazing blog entry by Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch, where he is holding some “I’m ya daddi boi toy give a way” which includes “lots and lots of toyzzzzzzzz”.  Amazed by the content, I was browsing around the rest of the blog and..

Disappointments and Delights in a Day of CMJ Week.

Before I say anything else, I couldn’t think of a better word than “delights.” Today, my plan was to hit up a Meet n’ Greet at Santo’s and hopefully talk to Large Professor and DJ Babu and then stop by Fat Beats and holler at Blu and Mainframe (Johnson &..

Oh No! My Muxtape!

I’ve always been a mixtape junkie. I’ve been making them since I had the ability to press the buttons on a cassette recorder. My first mixtape was a compilation of music from the Power Rangers movie, the theme to Ninja Turtles, “Everybody Dance Now” by C&C Music Factory, and some..

Still not really sure.

So… dude (Donny Goines) felt the need to respond to his first tirade. I honestly think that he’s right and it is wrong to glorify violence and ignorance, but its entertainment. So who cares? I would like to clarify, my earlier comments aside, that I really think Donny Goines is..

Artscape: Review (Sunday).

So DJ01 and I went to Artscape for Sunday only. Mostly because neither of us own cars, and public transportation to Baltimore is a crime on the weekends (or anytime for that matter). I was able to borrow a car on Sunday, so we made the trip. After a stop..

Finally… (And other stuff).

I waited for so long. Every time I checked there was another delay.  But finally, the Stones Throw digital store is open. The cover above is for the single piece of Vinyl that I needed to have so badly. The only song I wanted was the instrumental for Styles, Crews,..