Finally… (And other stuff).

I waited for so long. Every time I checked there was another delay.  But finally, the Stones Throw digital store is open. The cover above is for the single piece of Vinyl that I needed to have so badly. The only song I wanted was the instrumental for Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats. And now I have it.

Judging by the stuff they have released I will probably be broke by the end of the month.

Plus in his last post DJ01 gave a lot of good Clipse tidbits, but didn’t mention that the dude who owned the dog that Malice escaped from told us that he was in 7-11 some years ago, and met Cappadonna. Cappadonna in those days had quit rapping and wasn’t doing very well financially, and dude apparently was trying to sell “big bags of weed” to the guy who owned the dog. Hilarious.

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