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Inventing David Geffen Documentary, Video.

Chances are David Geffen has had some sort of effect on your life (HE BIRTHED ASYLUM, THE LABEL GUCCI MANE IS SIGNED TO), the man is kind of a big deal. PBS dropped a documentary on him last week while you were scrambling home for Thanksgiving, I was floored after..

Toyota! I love what you do for me

[youtube][/youtube] Some of you folks may have seen this already on the WaxPoetics site. It’s an old Toyota commercial from the mid 90′s and it features Lootpack. Usually these things don’t really stick with me, but I have been watching this video on loop since yesterday. It’s taken my life,..

BET Cyphers 2009 (A Recap).

Another year, another BET Hip Hop Awards.  I’m not sure who the genius  behind the idea of the Cypher portion of the show is, but that mofo has had me watching BET (albeit once a year) for the last 3 years. But enough about me, let’s break down the performances:..

Fa Fa Fa Funky.

[youtube][/youtube] Did you know that Dee Dee of the Ramones recorded a rap album as Dee Dee King in 1989? This single is not on the album but still terrible and entertaining in a kind of car-wreck way. Seek out the whole album if you hate your ears. I like..