New favorite web show: Childrens’ Hospital (Episodes 1-10).

Ever since Coolio stopped chopping it up in the kitchen, I haven’t really been following any show that airs exclusively online. That is until I came across Childrens’ Hospital this week. The show is a hilarious spoof of all the hospital dramas which I despise with a passion like Grey’s Anatomy & ER (be sure to sayanora this week!). The cast is made up of some of my favorite comedian/actors including Nick Kroll, Ed Helms (from the Office/Daily Show), Rob Huebel, and Rob Corddry. If you are hoping to wait out for this to hit the airwaves, I suggest you don’t, the humor would never fly with the FCC on broadcast TV.

Here are the first 2 episodes for you to sample:

Watch the rest at The WB per reader request, after the break. Hopefully there are more to come.

Discovered via Rob Corddry’s (the show’s writer) twitter.

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