Copped: Rappers get their iPad 2′s.

While you had your finest L.L. Bean camping gear setup in a line at the mall waiting to pickup the iPad 2, a bunch of hip hop names joined in the act, minus the camping & lines part, of course. The one exception seemed to be Freeway, who mingled (and..

Copped: Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode T-Shirt.

Yesterday on Twitter, Sportaphile mentioned an amazing blog entry by Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch, where he is holding some “I’m ya daddi boi toy give a way” which includes “lots and lots of toyzzzzzzzz”.  Amazed by the content, I was browsing around the rest of the blog and..

Copped: Perrier Pink Grapefruit.

Copped this a few days back while roaming the new Harris Teeter back in the ol’ DMV. Immediately this has become my non-alchoholic beverage of choice. From what I gather, this has been only launched in a few select markets in the States, after selling like hot cakes tea? in..

Copped: The Pro Bar (Whole Berry).

Nothing is more hip hop than an organic nutrition bar. But I digress, I came across this Whole Berry Pro Bar at the local organic store (online thugs eat healthy). Let me just say that this is by far the best bar of this kind I’ve ever had. It blows..

Copped: Archer Farms Pecan Sticky Bun granola cereal.

Like Internets Celebrities we firmly believe cereal is dope. Sometimes we tend to go on the organic tip. While browsing at Target the other day we spotted Archer Farms’ Pecan Sticky Bun granola cereal, and with other options limited we decided to try it. Well, it has become an instant..

Copped: CDs from Fat Beats.

From left to right: Quasimoto-”The Unseen”, Von Pea-”Grand Vonye”, Black Milk & Bishop Lamont’s “Caltroit”. I bought ‘em off the online FatBeats shop. The official release of “Caltroit” is a little disappointing, package wise. I covered it here and was pumped for a proper booklet and everything. But nope, just..

Copped: Nike SB Highs & Classic.

Not all at once, but all fairly recently.  These will all be up on ebay on: never. Nike SB MF Doom Dunk High Nike SB Brut High Nike Classic SB Jeremy Fish Sphere: Related Content

Copped- Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm

I didn’t actually cop this. Rather, my brother copped it for me. Its the life story of MF Grimm. The format is a comic book and is spans his whole career (up to American Hunger). Very interesting stuff. I didn’t even know dude was on Sesame Street?! Seems like kind..