Copped: Rappers get their iPad 2′s.

While you had your finest L.L. Bean camping gear setup in a line at the mall waiting to pickup the iPad 2, a bunch of hip hop names joined in the act, minus the camping & lines part, of course. The one exception seemed to be Freeway, who mingled (and videotaped) his experience standing in line with all the non-rapping folk at a Philadelphia mall.

Big Sean

Me n @djmobeatz Just copped the I-pad 2!!! On yo dumbass! Lol. Boi. #FFOE! than a minute ago via Echofon


Boi? Boi!!!


Freeway took the extra step of documenting the scoopage in video form, watch the magic below:

I’m curious how many apple store employees recognized the long bearded rapper?

Because…. some people recognized “Freeway”:

So, the rapper “Freeway” is signing my iPad 2 box.. nbd.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Just Blaze linked up with Dan the Automator to pick up their iPads in the Bay area.


Oh, and Just personally reassured us, there were no lines in the books. (We predict Just bought 3 different iPads).

Bonus: Staple Design’s Jeff Staple got his, too.

Love the crew @ apple soho. No waiting. Sat in a chair while they brought iPads to me. Membership has it’s privileges.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

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