Metallungies at Bonnaroo 2013.

Another June is here and what do you know, MetalLungies is going back to a farm south of Nashville in Manchester, TN, yet again. As long we even have 56k-esque data service on our phone we will try to vine, instagram, twitter as much as possible as FCC regulations allow. Not braving..

Inventing David Geffen Documentary, Video.

Chances are David Geffen has had some sort of effect on your life (HE BIRTHED ASYLUM, THE LABEL GUCCI MANE IS SIGNED TO), the man is kind of a big deal. PBS dropped a documentary on him last week while you were scrambling home for Thanksgiving, I was floored after..

Metal Lungies goes to Bonnaroo X 2011, Preview.

Another June, another Bonnaroo Metal Lungies is going to. Starting today we will be roaming the farm in Murfreesboro basking in the glory of the 10th anniversary of the completely sold out festival. Be sure to catch me on twitter, where we will be ranting, recapping, and instagraming… and other verbs. If you aren’t fortunate..

Malachai – Anne (Paul White Remix).

Paul White is no stranger to psych rock. Last year’s Paul White & The Purple Brain saw Paul take on the work of Swedish psych rocker ST Mikael. This time, he beefs up British duo Malachai’s “Anne” with a thick bassline and lots of other sounds and effects. Watch the..

Gonjasufi – Bury Me.

Perhaps the coolest project to come out of the LA beat scene is A Sufi and a Killer, Gonjasufi’s 2010 psychedelic masterstroke. Gonja, likely noticing a drought of screechy sepia-tinged moaning, posted “Bury Me” on MySpace. Listen at your own risk. This track is fucking haunted. Sphere: Related Content